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We believe that a hotel should be more than just a bed for the night. Where you stay when you’re away from home should be stylish and inspiring. Somewhere characterful and charming, with the flexibility to hit the town or settle in for an evening. A thoughtfully designed space that’s as much a part of your trip as that incredible little coffee shop you stumble upon, or the secretive speakeasy you slip into for a cocktail. And when it comes to where you work, we think it should be just as inspiring. Places with personality and soul, that bring new ideas to life and brighten your work day.

That’s why we created Lean Luxury. By streamlining things behind the scenes and being smart with every detail, we can offer unforgettable, city-centre locations at a fraction of the normal cost. Since launching in 2013, we’ve opened 15 hotels and 5 workspaces across Europe, and there are 19 more on the horizon. So come and see the world with us.

Ruby Hotels

Whether you’re travelling for work or fun, we believe that where you stay should be comfortable, well-connected and full of character. From 80s kitsch to haute couture, each Ruby hotel has its own unique story and design, rooted in the city it calls home. And when it comes to comfort, we’ve styled every room with Lean Luxury touches. That means a big, cosy bed, aromatherapy Ruby Care products, and soft, fluffy towels. As for connections, you’ll find us in the heart of the city, with top-notch transport links and lots of local knowledge.

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Ruby Workspaces

Need to find some focus or catch a creative wave? Take a Ruby Workspace for a spin. Housed in beautiful historic buildings, they’re inspiring, stylish spaces to set up and get to work. So out with stuffy old offices and in with flexibility, comfort and bottomless barista coffee. From a grand former bank to a palatial ex-post office, each workspace has been lovingly restored to offer everything from hot desks to private offices, quiet corners to meeting rooms with all mod cons. So, whether you’re a fast-growing start-up, a footloose freelancer or in town with your whole team, join us for a day, a week, a month or more.

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Ruby is underpinned by several financially sound partners. The company’s shares are jointly held by ECE Group; the Austrian Soravia Group; Franger Investment, a German family office; Ocean Link, a private equity fund; the entrepreneur Michael Hehn, and Ruby CEO and founder Michael Struck.

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Lean Luxury

Like you, we travel a lot. And wherever we go, we expect three things: a great night’s sleep, a powerful shower and top-notch connections – both to the city and the WiFi. What we’re less keen on is paying for extras we never use. In dynamic cities bursting with Michelin stars and foodie pop-ups, room service sandwiches just don’t cut the mustard. So we set out to create the best of both worlds – hotels with style and substance, but none of those expensive extras. It’s what we call Lean Luxury. To us, luxury means laid-back comfort in characterful surroundings, right in the heart of the city. The lean part is all about being smart with space, streamlining things behind the scenes and doing away with the things you don’t need. This innovative approach saves us and you money, without compromising on comfort.